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Will Mulders was born in May, 1998. Will is non-verbal autistic and has some physical disabilities but through the incredible work and determination of his teachers and aides at Alhambra High School, in Martinez, CA, he is able to read as well as type which has become his way to communicate to the world. His dad Peter was born and raised in The Netherlands and his mom Kristi is a Californian native. WillWill has a younger sister Julia who loves playing year-round soccer and wearing her Lionel Messi (Fc Barcelona) shirt.

Will loves riding in the jogger, exercising on the elliptical at the YMCA (we call it the Williptical!), kayaking, Disneyland (his favorite ride is “It’s a Small World”), the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the beach, his family, and above all, Will likes rocky road ice cream!  He is a graduate of Alhambra High School in Martinez, California, where he was fortunate to have marvelous teachers and aides including many Alhambra High School students who helped out in the classroom. Will benefits greatly from a school and community that truly cares about the special needs program.

The inspiration for Team Willpower came in 2003, when Peter read a news article about a severely disabled girl named Angel who participated in marathons pushed by her father, Doug Hansen. Team Willpower started racing in local races in 2005 as a duo team which consists of a rider (called a captain) and a pusher (called an angel).  20150509

At that time, there were about 200 duo teams running in races worldwide such as f.e. Team Gemm (Australia) , Team Kerr (Northern Ireland) and Team Brethouwer (The Netherlands).  Since about 2012, Team Hoyt Running Chairs started building specific race joggers for those with special needs.  Team Hoyt is Dick and Rick Hoyt, who have participated in over 1100 race events together, including running The Boston Marathon 32 times and competing in 6 Iron Man competitions.

Team Willpower purchased their custom built Team Hoyt Running Chair in March 2015 and over the years has participated in many running events including marathons.



Willpower — You Can Do It!

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